50s coffee set

50s aluminium coffeeSwan Savoy Coffee Percolator, made in England 1950s
Glamaware sugar bowls, made in Australia 1950s

The Swan ‘Savoy’ coffee percolator was made for THAT famous restaurant in the 50s. With all its working parts intact it’s a functioning piece of 50s coffee memorabilia. The glass top tells you when the coffee is ready for pouring and the deco-shaped bakelite handle tells you this is a show piece! It’s good for 8 cups of coffee [2.5 pints.]

The three anodised sugar bowls are ‘Glamaware’- the name says it all! When I first started this blog, my lovely sister-in–law Pam gave me her Glamaware tea set and I used it as my blog icon, vowing never to sell it. These three sugar bowls show the range of colours the sets came in: baby blue, gold and pink gold. If you zoom into the image, you’ll see my photographer son taking the photo. I quite like that he is finally being acknowledged for all his great photography work, albeit somewhat subtly.

For coffee aficionados/collectors this aluminium collection is for sale: $AUD95

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