Studio Anna & Florenz Pottery

Aboriginal motif pottery
Studio Anna ‘crab’ plate and
Florenz Pottery dish and ashtray
made in Sydney c. 1950s

Both Studio Anna and Florenz Pottery had their pottery studios in Marrickville, Sydney. Florenz started in the 1930s and Studio Anna in 1953. These slip cast pottery items evidence the Australiana themes and souvenir ware discussed in the post below.

The crab plate has some very minor chips on its edge [click on the image for zoom view] – and is marked Studio Anna on the underside. I am particularly drawn to the funky rounded-triangle shape of this piece. The dish and ashtray are unmarked, but presumed Florenz Pottery due to similar pieces in other’s collections. The three pieces make a nice ensemble with the rich ochres, and black and white patternings.

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Aboriginal motif kitsch c.1950

Aboriginal motif salt & pepper shaker sets, and small jug
made in Australia c.1950s

While none of these items has a maker’s mark, the salt and pepper shakers at the back are possibly by Terra Ceramics, and the round shakers to the left are possibly Florenz Pottery. The small jug is probably Studio Anna. All these potteries were making tourist and souvenir pottery by the 1950s, and these appropriated [and westernised] indigenous motifs were hugely popular. Post war arts and crafts saw a rise in the popularity of Australiana – replacing traditional English motifs with ‘Australian’ themes; invariably Aboriginal motif works were black, tan and white.

This group works well as a set, or could form the basis of a larger collection. The items on their own are very kitsch…but somehow when grouped the kitschness is subverted into a subtler aesthetic.

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