Retro ‘model town’ children’s puzzle

Simplex 'model town' children's puzzleSimplex ‘model town’ puzzle
made in Holland c1950s

This is a fantastic retro children’s puzzle. The pieces when removed stand up independently and can be used to make a ‘model town’ [albeit a Dutch, 1950s model town.] Simply wonderful. Would totally suit an urban/town planner with a nostalgic bent!

The dolls are another story. They are English, c1960s, and I had a stab of nostalgia when I found them. My sister and I had them when we were little – I had the long haired one and my sister had the 60s permed one. I distinctly remember the over-sized heads of these dolls.

Let me assure you ours were dressed when we had them; unfortunately these two have lost their 60s frocks.

The fantastic model town puzzle is for sale: $AUD45 [and if you like the dollies, I’ll send them to you too!]

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