Gayart Flower Wheel

“Easy to use! Fun to make! Gay and colourful flowers may be used to decorate bags, hats & dresses or make novelty earrings & costume jewellery!”  The blurb on the packaging says it all.

I can’t find any information on the date/age of the Flower Wheels, but anecdotally a friend of mine remembers making raffia flowers with them in primary school in the early 70s. I hope she made the raffia flowers into novelty earrings! or costume jewellery! Wouldn’t that be fun!

I like- and collect- sewing and knitting paraphernalia, and love these two gauges: the transparent plastic “Korbond 4” x 1” knitting gauge and the “Delyta dressmaker gauge”.

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Faux tortoise shell knitting needles & needle box

These vintage faux tortoise shell knitting needles are much prized by knitters and artists alike : very collectable. Knitters like them because they are super flexible and so easier to work with, and artists refashion the needles into art / jewellery : see Etsy and Pinterest for examples. Because the material is very pliable, artists use hot water to mould the needles into new shapes/patterns.

This collection has twenty pairs of needles, up to needle gauge 6mm, this being the largest gauge made in this material.

The knitting needle box is made by Continental Plastics Pty Ltd, Melbourne [very continental!] – is a fantastic baby blue colour, with needles gauge sizes on the lid. If you were to collect these boxes – they come in a range of classic 50s pastel colours [baby blue, pink, yellow] although they were manufactured in the late 60s.

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