Random 70s assemblage

random collection of 70s stuff70s Wasco Crayons
70s bubble flip-down calendar
70s Tupperware picnic salt and pepper shakers

The older I get, the more the 70s appeal to me. Sure, I lived through the seventies [I was a veritable babe-in-arms] …and thought at the time I never wanted to go back there. Still – in hindsight – there were some pretty funky / good things that came out of the 70s.

I like this grouping of random 70s objects a lot. I was going to sell this little collection, but my photographer [not known –until this point- for his admiration for said 70s] decided he would have to have them.

It just goes to show that Generation Y DOES have a keen design sense – and also- how fun are those flip-down calendars?