Blue Moon

Poole Blue Moon tea cupsPoole Blue Moon tea cups
made in England 1960-1975

Following on from my last post, here is another set of mid-century Poole teacups.

Poole is a celebrated pottery operating from Dorset, England from 1873 – and continuing until today. I am particularly fond of the pottery produced between the 1930s and 1960s.

These tea cups – very modern in shape and sans handle – are part of the Cameo range. The colour is ‘Blue Moon’ –a deep blue exterior, with a slightly off-white interior [pure white would be too stark…this off-white is just right.] The set of eight tea cups and saucers have the traditional mid-century Poole mark on each piece.

The cups don’t hold much tea – perhaps they were for a Japanese tea ceremony- which would certainly align with the blue moon theme. Either way, the set of eight cups and saucers are delicious.

This set is for sale: $AUD145

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Swinnertons tea for two [sold]

moonglo tea setSwinnertons Nestor Vellum ‘Moonglo’ cups and saucers and side plates
made in England, c.1950s

Swinnertons is also a pottery that produced out of Staffordshire, England – where so much pottery seems to originate. This collection is ‘Moonglo’- a delightful epithet that relates to the colours- here we see’ Moonglo Pink’, ‘Moonglo Green’, ‘Moonglo Blue’…you get my drift. I have been unable to deduce why the set is called ‘Nestor Vellum’ – vellum being a type of parchment, but I don’t know what the Nestor refers to. Does anybody else?

The crockery was made in this mix ‘n’ match colour series as a practical way to solving replacement pieces. If you broke a piece you had a number of different colours [eight in all] to choose from. Very modernist. And how funky are those colours?

This set of two cups & saucers and matching side plates are for sale: $AUD55