Retro stationery

Vintage pencil sharpenersNovelty pencil sharpeners,
made in Hong Kong 1970s

I LOVE retro stationery [because I used it as a youngster, you understand. This explains everything.]

So – here we have a world globe pencil sharpener [which rotates on it’s axis] but it’s kinda inaccurate when you look at- you know- the world…but what do you want from a 70s pencil sharpener? Geographic accuracy? It’s a pencil sharpener!

Next up a pair of swan sharpeners. The pencil goes in where the sun don’t shine. Enough said.

And my favourite- a perpetual calendar- with three moveable wheels for the day, date and month. I’ve set it for my actual birth date- as you do.

The globe comes in it’s original box [no 7204] and the date indicator also [MW, no 153]- whereas the swans do not.

And in the background – a Globite square school case, which is rusted and old and creaky and half broken. I love it. I have been instructed to lose it- but – it’s square, and rusted and half broken. I can’t.

The swan sharpeners and the perpetual calendar sharpener are for sale: $AUD20 each

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Retro stationery

Vintage file box & inserts [1970s]Large file box & inserts
made in Australia 1970s

I love stationery. And I love retro: so retro stationery is a favourite! My drawing office is indeed – paperless- due to all the retro timber stationery folders and file boxes I have.

This large timber box file comes complete with original alphabetic dividers and file cards. The dividers are stout cardboard with riveted steel alphabet plates. Never been used. The file cards are pristine – circa 1970s – also never been used. And the timber box – also in great condition- has that fantastic diagonal opening so typical of the 70s.

SO tempted to keep this file box – and add it to the working collection in my office, but I can’t with any good conscience. I have ample. So this file box is for sale: $AUD55

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Studio Frank Meisler Max paper reelStudio Frank Meisler, Max messenger
made in NY 1960s

This is Max- a timber sculpture and stationery item from Studio Frank Meisler. Frank Meisler is an architect and artist who used his considerable skills to produce iconic stationery items in the 60s. All his stationery items [frogs, camels, dogs] were made of timber and have large whimsical features. And featured springs- Max has a spring neck so he looks like one of those nodding dogs you used to see in the backs of cars.

Max has a reel of unused message paper to take your messages, wrapped around his midrif. He is missing his pencil- which formed his ‘tail’- but any small pencil can replace this. Max is in fine fettle- given his age!

Frank Meisler has a webpage dedicated to his sculptor and Ebay is replete with his very collectible stationery items. Add Max to your Frank Meisler collection today!

Max is for sale: $AUD35

Rolodex #2400 twin wheel

Rolodex #2400 twin wheel, 50sRolodex twin wheel card file
made in USA 1950s

I love retro stationery; and I am a big fan of Rolodex- I use one in my office. Recently I came across this twin wheel- completely unused- Rolodex and so did a bit of research into its history.

Rolodex =’ rolling index’; was designed by the Danish Engineer Hildaur Neilsen in New York in 1956. By 1958 Rolodex was on the market and it’s still produced today, pretty much in the same format – although the twin wheel is no longer made and plastic has replaced the fantastic metal shell of this model.

This Rolodex is model #2400 and it is all metal construction, with a sliding metal hood [opened in this image] that drops into the body of the machine. There is some slight rust marks on the top of the hood, due to age and being metal the whole thing weighs a ton. But the 500 blank cards on the twin wheels have never been used and are the original cards – complete with instructions on how to use!

Ready to lend retro charm and industrial cred to your office, the Rolodex is for sale: $AUD75

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