Dirty Dogs of Paris [sold]

The Dirty Dogs of Paris,
Lithograph by Boris O’Klein, Paris, 1930s

This is a framed souvenir print from Paris, in the 30s. The lithograph – featuring dogs each with a “human personality”, was hugely popular and printed [and hand-coloured] in the thousands. This one was bought to Australia as a gift in the late 1930s, and apparently was much admired and giggled over, due to the risqué scene. Oh those French artists!

Boris O’Klein [real name Arthur Klein, a Russian emigre] was an illustrator and artist in Paris, but he was most well-known for his Dirty Dogs print series. Boris [1833-1985] lived to a ripe old age, and the Dirty Dog prints were still being produced in the 70s, albeit by protégés and not Boris himself.

The print is signed ‘Chacun son tour’ [“each turn”]- Copyright by O’Klein, Chamarandle [S.&O.] Eauforte orginate. It’s still in its original frame and glass, and the hand-colouring is as vibrant as the day it was painted.

The print is for sale: $AU75

Vogue tea for one!

Vogue tea cup & saucerVogue cup and saucer, made in England 1950s
ESPN tea strainer, made in Australia 1940s

This lovely pink bone china cup and saucer, made by Vogue in the 50s, was also made in powder blue and pastel yellow [who woulda thought?- it being the 50s!?!] In a nod to classic convention, the subtly scalloped edge to the cup rim and handle, and the saucer is gilt. Definitely NOT one for the dishwasher.

The cup and saucer is teamed with a silver-plated tea strainer which has ‘cosmetic wear’ [a recently learnt term- I take it to mean that the item has lived a full life.] The strainer has a rather endearing enamelled badge featuring Goulburn Courthouse [Goulburn being a regional town, south of Sydney- with the courthouse designed by the renowned Government Architect James Barnet in 1881.]

The strainer shows art deco affectations to its handles- a sign of nostalgia for the 20s when tea was drunk across the British Empire- without the reality of war. The enamelled badge marks it as souvenirware- the sort of thing to buy for Auntie Madge when making the big trip down to Goulburn.

The Vogue cup & saucer is in excellent condition, while the tea strainer has ‘cosmetic wear’. This set is for sale: $AUD65

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