BODA decanter

BODA decanter, 1971BODA decanter
made in Sweden 1971

We’ve all heard of Kosta Boda, the famous Swedish glass manufacturer that is now very collectable. This decanter was made by BODA, which only became part of the Afors group in 1971. In 1976 the brand became Kosta Boda – which dates this decanter to between 1971 and 1976.

The decanter is made of a sienna-coloured glass, with transparent glass handle. It has its original label intact:

Afors Bruk

[I couldn’t replicate the 70s font here – zoom in for a fantastic look at that label!]

This is one for the serious collectors. The decanter is in fabulous vintage condition, with no issues whatsoever. It has an off-centre pontil mark. And did I mention it has its label intact?

The BODA decanter is for sale: $AU95

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retro iittala

iittala Ultima Thule creamer & sugar bowliittala Ultima Thule
made in Finland 1968

This is a sugar bowl & creamer in the Ultima Thule series, designed by Tapio Wirkkala for iittala in 1968.

The asymmetrical glass bubbles and feet form an ‘icy effect’- to ‘imitate the nature of the northern icy terrain of Scandinavia’…according to the designer. The unique texture of the glass was created by pouring molten glass into a timber mould and allowing the heat of the glass to burn into the mould.

Ultima Thule contributed to iittala’s international reputation as a world class glass foundry in the late 60s – this design ‘crystallizes the distinct expressive power of Finnish glass’- according to

iittala is now hugely collectible and the sugar bowl and creamer are for sale: start your retro iittala collection today! $AUD75

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