Art glass #60s style

Scandanavian art glass, 1960sScandinavian art glass
made in 1960s

Here’s another sample of Trish’s art glass collection: you may recall she collects in the colourway green & blue, in the decade 1960, from anywhere Scandinavian.

This art glass is really really REALLY collectible now and is becoming prohibitory expensive. I’m hoping this will curb Trish’s buying whilst freeing up mine…for kitschy Australian 50s ceramics. Until they are prohibitory expensive I am good to go!

The very definition of a good marriage: collect different stuff.

Chunky 70s glass

Chunky 70s glasswarePukeberg Glass ‘Solifleur’ vase made in Sweden c1970s
Kosta Boda  ‘Igloo’ candle holders made in Sweden c1970s

More of my Nordic glass collection – but now from the 70s. The single stem vase is known as ‘Solifleur’ [although a French term] and the candle holders are called ‘Igloo”. Both are made of chunky glass, so reminiscent of the 70s.

The vase was designed by Uno Westerberg for Pukeberg Glass, and the candle holders were designed by Bengt Edenfalk for Kosta Boda. Pukeberg Glass is well known for their monumental glass pieces – and this vase is kind of the pinnacle of their chunky 70s look. Meanwhile, Kosta Boda was going all icy in the 70s, with many bowls, figurines and candle holders having a frozen-water-captured-in-glass theme.

And as is my wont – the candles are by Ikea. All the pieces are in excellent as-new condition.

This fabulous set is for sale: $AUD125

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