60s novelty salt and pepper shakers

Retro Coke bottle salt and pepper shakersNovelty coke bottle salt and pepper shakers
made in Japan, c. 1960s

Continuing the theme of yesteryear [ie: 2013]- some more novelty salt and pepper shakers. People do collect them- and- so it seems, do I.

The lids screw off the top of the bottles to allow the addition of salt and pepper- BUT I was thinking; you could fill them with that fancy-pants wood smoked salt which is brown in colour and so continue the whole coke thing. AND update the whole salt and pepper condiment thing.

The shakers are teamed with a lovely photo frame featuring an unknown model from the 60s. She looks like she’s never had a coke in her life -but I bet she’d love that wood smoked salt!

The salt and pepper shakers are for sale: $AUD25

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60s novelty S & P

Retro beer bottle S & PBeer’s good…at Port Macquarie
salt and pepper shakers, c.1960s

Beer’s good at Port Macquarie. Ain’t that the truth! Well, actually, beer’s good any place.

These salt and pepper shakers are souvenir ware from the 60s. Those were the days when you bought back a tea towel from your travels…or salt and pepper shakers in the form of beer bottles. Nothing encapsulated the 60s Australian holiday quite like a novelty beer bottle.

For 60s nostalgia lovers or collectors of salt and pepper shakers- or indeed current Port Macquarie domiciles, this set is for sale: $AUD25

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Fitz & Floyd royalty [sold]

Fitz & Floyd salt & pepper shakersFitz & Floyd ‘King and Queen’ salt & pepper shakers
made in Japan, c.1960s.

Fitz and Floyd, based in America, has been producing quirky/novelty ceramics for the last fifty years…and now their 60s items have become ‘retro’ and very collectible. You might remember a previous s & p set I posted that were Dutch girls that dispensed salt and pepper OUT OF THEIR EYES!  Well, now you can add the King and Queen to your condiments dispensed from an orifice set. Retro novelty item just moved right on over to: _kitsch!

To be fair, the King also dispenses salt from the top of his head [/brain cavity.] The Queen however, is all about the eyes!

For your retro dinner table / you’ll never look the same way at the royal family again!

For sale: $AUD35

Dutch girl salt & pepper shakers [sold]

Fitz & Floyd dutch girls s & pFitz & Floyd ‘Dutch girl’ salt & pepper shakers
made in Japan, c.1960s.

Fitz and Floyd, based in America, has been producing quirky/novelty ceramics for the last fifty years…and now their 60s items have become ‘retro’ and are collectible. I can’t say that I care for a vast majority of it – but – how can you not have some affection for shakers that dispense salt and pepper OUT THEIR EYES? Retro novelty item just moved right on over to: _kitsch!

Yes, these restrained Dutch girls, with their stylised dress and facial details POUR CONDIMENTS out their EYES. Whoever designed these little beauties was into some illicit substances. Heavy illicit substances.

For your retro dinner table / you’ll never look the same way at Dutch girls again.

For sale: $AUD35

60s kitschy salt & pepper shakers

kitschy salt & pepper shakersKitschy salt and pepper shakers
made in England & Japan, c. 1960s

For lovers / collectors of salt and pepper shakers- and I know you’re out there! And these are 60s and kitschy to boot!

None of the sets has makers marks – but that could be due to the fact that the base is too small. However, the ‘cabbagey’ set on the right was made by Brentleigh Ware, in Staffordshire England.  The cats- which are Siamese- were made in Japan, but by whom, I don’t know. And the flowery pair on the left- haven’t a clue. I just like the catty/flowery ensemble that this set makes.

All the pieces of the set are fully functional [stoppers are in place] – but WHY would you use these lovely objects for their erstwhile function? Put them on display in the kitchen, and let them be the proud figurines that they are. Somehow those two cats look totally happy to be surrounded by flowers!

This collection is for sale: $AUD65

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50s plastic kitsch

50s plastic kitschPlastic kitsch
made in Australia c.1950s

A lovely collection of kitschy plastics grouped around a ‘white’ theme. The swan is a little memento holder, the flowery salt and pepper shakers [the ‘leaves’ screw off to allow the insertion of said salt and pepper] speak for themselves, and the lovely woven basket was originally sold as a bread basket. The teaspoons are 50s picnicware and lend a little comparative colour to the image.

I often ponder my love of kitsch- I am aware that I have a great fascination for 50s swans. This is due -I think- to being refused a [probably horribly tasteless] swan of my own when I was young. All my friends had bedrooms swimming [terrible pun] with swans…it was the 60s and my mother thought they were terribly tacky. She was right. But I’m the one left with an enduring love for all things kitsch.

For sale: $AUD45

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Bessemer salt & pepper sets, and egg cup

Bessemer s&p sets and egg cupBessemer salt and pepper shakers, and double egg-cup
made in Australia, c.1970s

I have waxed lyrical about Bessemer products in previous posts– made from melamine, they were made by the Nylex Melmac Corporation which started production in the mid 60s. These salt and pepper shakers and the double egg-cup were designed by Lionel Suttie, an industrial designer.

It’s interesting that Mr Suttie is remembered as Bessemer’s lead designer: this was the first time that condiment or tableware made from plastic [melamine] was thought to be worthy of design – that a humble mass-produced domestic item could make a design statement. This set certainly does that- they pay homage to mid-century modernist design and in the colouring, homage to the 70s.

The salt and pepper sets are [l to r] orange, russet-brown and chartreuse. The double egg-cup is matches the russet-brown salt & pepper set…although you can see it has it’ own little indentations either side of the egg-cups which house it’s own salt and pepper.

Start your Bessemer collection today…or add to your existing Bessemer collection…or better yet- use these funky pieces as part of your retro breakfast display!

For sale: $AUD80

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Aboriginal motif kitsch c.1950

Aboriginal motif salt & pepper shaker sets, and small jug
made in Australia c.1950s

While none of these items has a maker’s mark, the salt and pepper shakers at the back are possibly by Terra Ceramics, and the round shakers to the left are possibly Florenz Pottery. The small jug is probably Studio Anna. All these potteries were making tourist and souvenir pottery by the 1950s, and these appropriated [and westernised] indigenous motifs were hugely popular. Post war arts and crafts saw a rise in the popularity of Australiana – replacing traditional English motifs with ‘Australian’ themes; invariably Aboriginal motif works were black, tan and white.

This group works well as a set, or could form the basis of a larger collection. The items on their own are very kitsch…but somehow when grouped the kitschness is subverted into a subtler aesthetic.

For sale: $AUD125

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