Australian Madonnas [sold]

Australian Madonnas, c1950sMadonnas
made in Australia c.1950s

I am the first to admit that I have an eclectic collection. I would say that growing up in Canberra [the Nation’s capital] in the 70s has A LOT to do with my collecting compulsion. We had a new house. It was in a new suburb. It was empty except for the basic necessities. 70s necessities…

So I love kitsch, and vintage and retro stuff. And do I like icons, and Madonnas!  Yes, yes I do.

Which brings me to this lovely trio. My favourite has to be the sea-shell landscape on the left…complete with sand to reinforce the natural theme. Mary loved a good walk on the beach and here she is at Bondi – a quintessentially Australian Madonna.

The Madonna on the right is backlit by a strange [coffin-shaped] element. I’m not sure of the iconography happening here, but I do like the backlighting. And the middle picture is untitled so I’m not sure who is praying to Mary, but I do like that her blue robe is similar to the blue in the [coffin] Mary.

Ah the 50s! Nothing was sacred, and shell-craft and blue plastic was de-rigueur.

For sale: $AUD45