Polaroid land cameras [sold]

Polaroid Land CamerasPolaroid Land Cameras
made in USA 1965-1970

A man named Edwin Land developed the Polaroid LAND cameras; seen here is the white ‘Swinger Model 20’ and the famous black ‘striped’ Model 1000. Land was the first to use film that developed outside the camera.

The Swinger model was the first cheap, mass-produced fixed lens camera that was marketed to the young – apparently Barry Manilow sang the advert’s jingle, while Ali MacGraw frolicked on a beach. Since the beach-frolicking youth were new to this new-fangled photography lark, the Swinger displayed a giant ‘YES’ in the viewfinder when the exposure was correctly set.

Polaroid film is no longer available, but a great company called the Impossible Project [www.the-impossible-project.com] produces new instant film materials for these classic polaroid cameras. Hurrah! You can now take pictures like a young Ali MacGraw!

The model 1000 came in both white and black forms- but the black is the best known. It uses SX-70 film, also available for the Impossible Project.

Both cameras are untested and for sale: $AUD65