50s plastic kitsch

50s plastic kitschPlastic kitsch
made in Australia c.1950s

A lovely collection of kitschy plastics grouped around a ‘white’ theme. The swan is a little memento holder, the flowery salt and pepper shakers [the ‘leaves’ screw off to allow the insertion of said salt and pepper] speak for themselves, and the lovely woven basket was originally sold as a bread basket. The teaspoons are 50s picnicware and lend a little comparative colour to the image.

I often ponder my love of kitsch- I am aware that I have a great fascination for 50s swans. This is due -I think- to being refused a [probably horribly tasteless] swan of my own when I was young. All my friends had bedrooms swimming [terrible pun] with swans…it was the 60s and my mother thought they were terribly tacky. She was right. But I’m the one left with an enduring love for all things kitsch.

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