60s picnic ware

Camel insulated picnic wareCamel insulated picnic ware
made in Hong Kong, c. 1960s

This set of insulated jug and mugs was revolutionary picnic ware in the 60s- the insulation was for both hot and cold liquids! The tartan motif in the middle of the insulating layers is real fabric- as if to reinforce the complexity of the technology- whilst also providing a jaunty picnic-vibe.

I like the way the tartan has been placed at angle to the jug and cup geometries- and the transparent handles- and the gilt knob on top of the jug. It’s all in the details! And because it was made in Hong Kong in the 60s- there are five, not six, cups in the set.

This set has never been used and is ready for any picnic action. It’s for sale: $AUD65

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Sellex picnic ware

Sellex bakelite picnic wareSellex picnic ware
made in Australia, 1940s

The strong colours of these bakelite pieces are quite mesmerising. I don’t think the plates and bowls have ever been used, as they are pristine, with no scratches and no diminishing of those superb colours. I have mentioned before that yellow bakelite is particularly prone to deterioration and ‘mudding’ of its colour, so this set is in particularly good condition. Ironically for picnic ware- I would suggest it’s never seen the light of day!

We can date the plates and bowls to Australia in the 40s due to the ‘rounded-square’ shape, and the edge fluting. And the plates’ markings, which have ‘Sellex Reg.’ in cast lettering on the underside.

This would make a great starter set for the bakelite collector or enthusiast.  Merry Christmas! For sale: $AUD80

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Bartone bakelite picnic set

Bartone bakelite picnic set
made in Australia, c.1940s

This picnic set is a delightful mottled orangey-brown colour. Bartone specialised in producing picnic ware, often with this mottley shading, and the pieces all have catalogued numbers cast on the underside. The large plates are Cat No B164, the small plates B169, the cups are B166 and the saucers B170.

Just look at those funky 40s handles!  Fantastic. Two of the plates have a small patch of discolouration to the underside, but the set is in remarkable condition for its vintage. This set would make for a great retro picnic!

For sale: $AUD125

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Anodised aluminium beakers [sold]

aluminium beaker collectionAnodised beakers
made in Australia and Hong Kong, c.1950s

All these beaker sets were made in Australia, except for the set that comes in the red vinyl case [the beakers are adjacent this case.] The Hong Kong set has no maker’s mark, just their place of origin…but they do come with a handy bottle-opener concealed in the case lid.

The Australia sets come with exotic names: ‘Tahiti’ and ‘Caribbean’. The green case which encloses the ‘Tahitian’ beakers was made in Melbourne by Stokes & Sons, as part of their ‘Peacock Ware’ range. It too comes with a bottle-opener. Perfect for the retro picnic!

I can’t find much information on the last two sets – one made by Duchess Aluminium Ware and the other by ETA…so if anyone can fill me in, I would be most appreciative.

All the beakers are in fine fettle, ~ still shiny aluminium despite their age ~ I suspect they have never been near a picnic.       For sale: $AUD75