Christmas- 70s style

Christmas sign & nativity sceneChas Clarkson store Christmas sign, made in Sydney 1970s
Plastic nativity scene, made in Hong Kong 1970s

Chas Clarkson has been making retail signs in Sydney since 1900- after arriving from England where the company was established in 1893. The company is still producing retail signage today.

This retail sign is a 1970s reproduction from an old Chas Clarkson issue from the 40s- I like that that company is referencing its own back catalogue. The sign came from a shop and has suffered a little from its annual outing in the front window- you can see the wear marks on the right hand side of the sign.

The plastic nativity scene [complete with halos on everybody, ‘Gloria’ held by an angle on the stable roof and suspicious pine “christmas” trees] is very kitschy and very 70s.

For 70s aficionados and lovers of kitschy Christmas ornaments, this collection is for sale: $AUD45

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