70s kitchenalia

70s Bessemer 'avocado' platter and cup& saucer, Owl trivetBessemer platter and cup & saucer, made in Australia 1970s
Wrought iron owl trivet, made in Taiwan 1970s

Bessemer ‘avocado’ ware is very collectible- here we have a platter and cup and saucer. Avocado refers to the particular shade of 70s green; this colour is rarely seen nowadays and is so heavily associated with the 70s.

Owls too- in all their forms- are highly collectible. This is a must-have for any owl collector; a wrought iron trivet for the kitchen. Highly stylised in that quintessential 70s way, the trivet has little rubber feet to lift it from the work surface, and it is simply marked ‘Taiwan’ with no other makers’ mark.

All pieces are in excellent [unused] condition, and are for sale: $65

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Retro Italian souvenir plates [part II]

retro Lipari & Amalfi sourvenir platesRetro Lipari & Amalfi souvenir plates, made in Italy c.1960s

Whenever I post Italian souvenirware [and I have quite a bit]- I always get fantastic comments from young Italians- living in Italy. I have visited Italy – all Architects and architectural students do- and love the country.

Add to that a love of kitsch, and retro, and landscape…and these melamine sourvenir plates tick every box for me.

The top right view of Lipari is my favourite…that giant frond in the foreground arching across the entire landscape. You just wouldn’t get that image now-a-days.  Now would you get the Amalfi tower [bottom right] literally squeezed into the image. And while it’s true that the Italian light is intense, and the sky and sea extremely blue…these re-touched photographs do slightly exaggerate those environmental conditions!

This set of four souvenir plates is for sale: $AUD45

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Vogue tableware

Retro Vogue tablewareVogue tableware
made in Australia, c. 1970s

I have posted 70s  melamine ware previously- I am drawn to the colours and forms of these beautifully designed pieces.  I collect two Australian manufacturers- Bessemer and Vogue. You might remember that Bessemer led the way, employing an industrial designer to design their tableware [see post, below] – then Vogue followed suit. ‘Vogue Australia’ is imprinted on the bottom of these jugs and sugar bowls, since the manufacturer name Vogue was also used in North America, at about the same time.

These jugs, cups and sugar bowls can be used as intended- melamine is a strong plastic resistant to scratching and these pieces are ‘as new’ – or they can form part of a funky 70s display. 70s melamine is now very collectible.

For sale: $AUD85

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