Vintage kookaburras

vintage kookaburra collectionKookaburra collection

This is an image of our burgeoning vintage kookaburra collection: it’s in the kitchen- which is not the right place for a collection. It started off as a few delightful kookaburras among the serious kitchen utensils…a bit of kitschy interest to liven up the utilitarian implements…but ended up threatening to take over an entire shelf.

The kookaburras here are mostly salt and pepper shakers, lustreware and handpainted pieces. There’s a rare Daisy Merton napkin ring in the middle: and a large kookaburra jug on the end. As the pieces might well be found in a kitchen you might say the display is warranted…I think this is an object lesson on what happens when a collector is given a bit of space.

Whatever- as long as the espresso machine is not impeded I am happy. That’s the only implement in the kitchen I can operate and have any vested interest in. And the kitschy kookaburras are beautiful and somewhat ironic and thus make me happy.