60s oranges & lemons

60s oranges & lemonsOranges and lemons
made in Japan, c.1960s

A mixed bag of oranges and lemons:  a hand painted lemon tray, glass jug and small ceramic plate- but all hailing from Japan and made in the 60s.

This collection is by theme rather than media- with the colours and abstract representations of fruit being the uniting factors. This set would be fabulous for a [teetotaller’s] retro bar. Or a complete lush’s retro bar…sometimes you do have to use fruit in a cocktail [or so I am lead to believe.]

This set is for sale: $AUD45

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Skyline kitchen utensils

Skyline kitchen utensilsSkyline kitchen utensils
made in England  c.1930-1940s

These kitchen utensils are all timber handled [with the exception of the chip cutter in the middle.] Skyline utensils were imported to Australia post war, with the selling point that the handles were colour-coded to describe their function.  From L to R : knife sharpener, potato masher, crinkle-cut chip cutter, pizza cutter, egg whisk, pastry blender.

The utensils are still going strong, the stainless steel blades and whisks equal to modern utensils- and so could be used in today’s kitchens. They are also highly collectible. Some of the timber handles show a little wear – these babies have had a life in a busy kitchen.

For sale: $AUD80

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Gayware spice containers & tea dispenser [sold]

gayware spice & tea canistersGayware spice containers, and tea dispenser
made by Gay Plastics, Sydney, Australia 1950-1965

This collected set consists for five multi-coloured spice containers and a tea dispenser. The green ‘Nutmeg’ container has lost its ‘N’, but all the rest of the crew have their funky 50s fonts.

The dispenser is hung on the wall and the white protruding section at its base is pushed in to collect a precise teaspoonful of tea. It’s ingenious!

Both sets complement the nested Gayware kitchen canisters, in red, posted below. One could have a completely gay kitchen!

For sale: $AUD75