60s espresso set [sold]

Kelco demitasse/espresso set
made in Japan, c.1968

Further to the wonderful ‘Impact’ coffee set by British Anchor [see post, below] this fine porcelain espresso set comprises a coffee pot, creamer, 4 espresso cups & saucers, and 4 tea cups & saucers [not all photographed.] The olive green glaze has a fine brown line around the edge of the pieces; a classic late 60s colouring. This set can also be found in orange, and yellow, but for my money the olive green is the best.

I’m particularly fond of the creamer- it hasn’t a handle- just those funky little side dimples for holding.

You can use this set for a tea party – or – as an art piece, just don’t put it in the dishwasher. I have seen many lovely pieces ruined by people using pre-dishwasher pieces in a post-dishwasher world.

This set is for sale [18 pieces] : $AUD155