60s art glass

70s green glassware60s art glass
made in Australia

I don’t as a rule collect ashtrays- but my partner picked up this lovely, chunky green ashtray whilst trying to find a piece to retrofit an upcycled 60s side table- where the glass ashtray was missing. Alas- the ashtray didn’t quite fit –but- to quote her: “you don’t have to use it as an ashtray- it’s just a great dish”.

So- let’s repurpose this 60s ashtray as a chunky glass dish, and team it with some fabulous 60s wine glasses. All good! All green- and all 60s. Art glass from the 60s is becoming very collectible- even if in a former life it was an ashtray.

This 60s green glass collection is for sale: $AUD55

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Funky 70s glassware

Luminarc wineglasses & Anchor Hocking cake standAnchor Hocking pedestal cake stand, made in U.S.A, 1972
Luminarc ‘Cavalier’ wine glasses, made in France, c.1970s

Here we have two lovely glass sets- made in different parts of the world, but hailing from the same vintage. And while the cake stand is quite ornately moulded and the glasses a plainer, funkier shape I think the colours and forms work well together.

The glasses are ‘Cavalier’ shaped, in Van Dkye brown ~while the cake stand is of the ‘Fairfield’ pattern – in Avocado green. It seems that pattern names and 70s colours were always ascribed to glass products of the 70s! And who doesn’t remember Van Dkye brown [it was everywhere in the 70s!]

I particularly like the way the ‘barrel’ shaped glass cup contrasts with the rounded clear glass stems on the glasses. So much of the glassware in the 60s had this form – but it took for the 70s to exaggerate it as far as it would/could go.

And just imagine a Pineapple Upside-down Cake on that pedestal stand! Retro heaven!

The set of six glasses are in excellent condition, and look fabulous- whether on displayed on open shelves, or on the dinner table.  For sale: $AUD75

The Avocado green pedestal cake stand is also in excellent condition; for sale : $AUD85

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