Skippy [sold]

retro kangaroo wall plate & figurineKangaroo & Joey ceramic wall plate, made in Australia c. 1960
Kangaroo figurine, made in Australia c. 1970

A study of two kangaroos- a decade apart- but what a contrast.

The 60s wall plate- made with perforations to the back so it can be hung- features a fairly accurately realised kangaroo and joey in an abstracted environment. So far, so 60s. The 70s figurine is highly stylised- with enlarged feet and tail having a functional purpose- keeping Skippy stable.

I am absolutely partial to the archetypal fauna of Australia- kangaroo, koala, kookaburra. I know many people who limit their collections to just the one theme, maker, material or decade- but I don’t have that discipline. Kangaroo collectors, lovers and aficionados, see countless examples in blog posts below.

Kangaroo collectors should love this little lot, which is for sale: $AUD40