‘Clematis’ breakfast set

Crown Lynn Clematis breakfast setCrown Lynn ‘Clematis’ breakfast set
made in New Zealand c.1960s

This is a breakfast set for 4 – in Clematis design [pattern #141.]  Imagine waking up to this beautiful set at breakfast…it would make everything taste good!  Bowls, side plates and cup & saucers for you and three friends/family/intimate acquaintances. Fantastic!

This is my first collection from NZ, which is a terrible oversight. But since both Australia and New Zealand have Clematis- a perfumed flowery climber – I naturally responded to the botanical theme. And the funky retro graphics, and colourings. Botanical, flowery themes – and the spare graphics – will get me in every time.

Scarily, while researching current prices, I saw one side plate on eBay for $28. This set has sixteen pieces.

For sale: $AUD120

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Stainless steel & teak breakfast set

Stainless steel and teak set

I love this teak and stainless steel toast rack- made by DKF Lundtofte in Denmark. This is mid-century modernism at its best- simple, strong function pieces with no fussy decoration. The one piece steel rack is simply screwed into the [laminated] teak base. And the handle mirrors the rack shape – beautiful!

Likewise, I like the way teak has been incorporated into the other stainless steel pieces- in the knobs of the sugar bowl and teapot and along the linear handles of the milk jug & teapot.

The front two pieces are a set- sugar bowl and milk jug, made by Talamon Ware, designed in Hong Kong. Fantastic funky asymmetrical lids sit in their spherical frames.

The teapot -for one- is unmarked. It rounds out the breakfast set nicely.

For sale: $AUD75

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