Retro in Berlin

West Germany studio potteryWest Germany vases, made in Berlin 1960s
Goebel Thumper Disney figurine, made in West Germany 1960s

Here are some of the retro pieces I bought in Berlin. The West Germany studio pottery, both vases – are now very collectible [check out] and it was nice to be able to buy these pieces in their country of origin.

Similarly, I found that anything by Goebel is also very collectible. I do love Thumper figurines [he crops up in a couple of my past posts as a styling device] and was thrilled to find this red one; I only found two West Germany vases and needed another red pottery piece for their display.

Retro shopping in Berlin is by way of a couple of ‘Antik’ shops, and flea markets- in public parks on the weekends. As we were staying in Mitte, we took in the Arkonaplatz Flea Market – which was so huge we visited twice on successive Sundays to see it all. I highly recommend it. I spent a nice morning sorting through hundreds of boxes for treasures. And treasures I found!

More in my next post…