Bakewells mixing bowl

Bakewells mixing bowlBakewells mixing bowl
made in Sydney, Australia 1930s

Bakewells started production in 1884 and like so many potteries, moved away from making industrial ceramic products -like bricks and pipes- to domestic wares in the early part of the twentieth century. By the early 30s Bakewells was making pudding bowls and nested mixing bowls in multi colours-  all to meet the insatiable demand of the new middle class. Bakewells is now very well known and very collectible.

Large mixing bowls like this one, with a pouring lip, are now rare. The size, its incised rings – and the fact that it’s in tact without any chips are in its favour. I think it looks great with these flowers…although not its primary function –  it just goes to show how many uses these bowls have.

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