Anodised beakers [sold]

Australian anodised aluminium beakersAnodised beakers
made in Australia and Hong Kong, c.1950s

The Australia set of three beakers on the left is marked ‘Caribbean beakers’. These beakers are lovely strong colours, and are just a little scuffed where they ‘nest’ into each other.

The Hong Kong set of five beakers has no maker’s mark, just their place of origin…but they do come with a nifty white vinyl case [with a handy bottle-opener concealed in the lid.] These beakers are in pastel shades, and look never to have been taken out and used.

Anodised beakers are quite collectible- I think it’s due to the nostalgia associated with family picnics. Lemonade tasted so fantastic coming out of an anodised beaker, which in the 50s, was the height of sophistication.

All the beakers are in fine fettle, ~ still shiny aluminium despite their age ~ I suspect they have never been near a picnic.     For sale: $AUD45