Timber tailoring tools

retro timber tailoring toolsTimber tailoring tools
made in Australia c.1940s

A lovely collection from a time when timber tools were de rigueur – and Newtown, next to where I now live- had 3 digit phone numbers. Hard to believe. This collection comprises a coathanger [with advertising copy] – a timber darning ‘mushroom’ and a timber –handled tracing wheel.

I have a couple of bakelite darning mushrooms- dating from the 20s. I collect sewing and knitting paraphernalia – being a sewer and a knitter- you may have notice these in past posts. I’m a firm believer in ‘make do and mend’ and upcycling- i have put the darning mushrooms to good use to add embroidery to reclaimed clothes.
The coathanger was given to me by a lovely friend who knows I love all things sewing and all things retro- and all things Newtown. The three items look terrific together on the timber table…a little ensemble of times gone by.

This set is for sale: $60

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