50s nursery light [sold]

Snail & pixie elf rider nursery night-light,
made in Melbourne, Australia c.1957

This wonderful night-light is in excellent working order, with a new plug to meet Australian standards- and has been checked by an electrician. It was made by Pan Pacific Plastics in Melbourne, and uses a 15 watt lamp and AC/DC power.

Pixie elves riding snails have a long and illustrious past- the idea being that pixies are very small, and being entirely frivolous with their time, are happy to harness a snail to transport them about. What do they care for speed and efficiency? They are not bound by the normal cares of the modernist [50s] world. Some snails are shown with bit and harness – but not our snail – indeed, he sports an insane grin and a bow tie! The elf too is grinning broadly. Everyone is enjoying this ride.

The night light has signs of some wear- rubbed paint areas- but these are consistent with age. Indeed- this is how you tell a vintage night light from a repro- which are starting to make their way into the antique and retro market. Nursery lights are now quite collectible- so inevitably- the repros are trying to cash int.

The nursery light is for sale: $AUD75