Retro kitchen scales

Salter #54A kitchen scales & figurinesSalter #54A kitchen scales, made in Australia c.1950s
Chipmunk figurines [pair] & Rabbit figurine, made in Japan c.1950s

These scales have a pink metal body, with a contrasting white plastic measuring bowl. The scales measure up to five pounds, in 4 ounce increments and I’ve commented previously that these are original- not reproduction – scales, in that they don’t have an equivalent metric scale. Metric measurement came to Australia in the early 70s and scales made at the time had both imperial and metric scales. The scales might not be altogether very accurate; they are to be admired for their aesthetic qualities only.

The pair of chipmunks, and the rabbit particularly, looks suitably shocked at being weighed. But they do illustrate just how well the scales display things- whether foodstuffs in your kitchen or figurines in the living room!     For sale: $AUD75 [let me know if you want the figurines too!]

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