70s reproductions

Kitchen scales & Robbie the robotThe Salter scales, cast iron, made in Staffordshire, England 1970s
Robbie the robot, tin toy, made in China 1970s

I am generally not a fan of reproductions. But occasionally, I find reproductions that play homage to the original without trying to pretend to BE the original. Those reproductions I can live with.

Here we have a Salter scale, cast iron, made to an exact mid 19th century likeness, but with a handy modern addition- that being it’s an accurate weighing machine. I use it for weighing parcels and letters to figure out postage costs – and it looks fabulous on the hall table too.

Robbie the robot first appeared in 1956 in the film ‘Forbidden Planet’. Then he appeared as a tin toy, made in Japan, which is now sought after and extremely collectible. Then in the 70s the same maker re-issued the toy [although now made in China!] with a hilarious warning on the box : “For collectors only, not suitable as a toy.” My how things have changed. For that line alone, I think Robbie is worth having around.