Purple reign!

Purple costume brooches, 50s, AustraliaPurple costume jewellery
made in Australia, 1950s

These are large, 50s costume brooches: all with atomic stylings and all featuring purple glass. They were made to make a bold statement – and I think you’ll agree they are still making quite the bold statement!

50s jewellery went out of fashion for a period in the 70s and 80s but is now retro enough to be coming back with a splash. I have always loved purple and collected these brooches one at a time until I had a triumvirate to display/offer them as a group.

The brooches would look great worn singly- but wow! would pack a punch worn altogether. They are all in great vintage condition, and are offered for sale: $75

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50s hors d’oeuvre dish

Retro 50s hor d'oeuvre dish50s segmented hors d’oeuvre dish
made in Japan

This is a rare thing: a lidded, segmented hors d’oeuvre dish with original metal base – all as new. The black steel base even has its original white leg caps. I‘d say this has been in someone’s cupboard since it was bought and never been near a hors d’oeuvre!

The ceramic is hand-painted, and because this was 50s Japan- features radish, aubergine, turnip, and a cabbage – because nothing says sophisticated appetizers like a cabbage. Each piece is signed ‘Japan’ on the base and there is a spare lidded dish with the set. Back in the 50s extra parts were often sold with a set- to replace bits broken from too much revelry!

A must for your next 50s party, the hors d’oeuvre dish is for sale: $AUD75

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60s Australian pottery

60s Australian pottery60s pottery
made in Australia

A little collection of lovely 60s pottery- but with no maker’s marks or other means of identification. All in great condition – and identified as being 60s pottery due to the styling, pastel colourings and – spots. Nothing says the 60s like spots!

This collection came from a lovely old lady’s home- she could recollect buying the pieces in the 60s but not from whom or where she bought them. She had had them on display but was selling them to make room for some nice new pieces- contemporary pieces- from the 80s. That’s how long ago it was- but even now I can remember my heart sinking thinking how horrible it was swapping the 60s for the 80s. Only twenty years difference- but yowza!- light years away in terms of design. The 80s was the era that design forgot.

Now my 60s collection is burgeoning to over-full and I must reluctantly part with some of it. Not to buy contemporary pieces, like the lovely old lady- but to display and enjoy the small part of the collection that I can fit in my tiny inner-city house.

This collection- five 60s pieces in good condition- is for sale: $AUD75

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60s ties

60s ties60s ties
made in Australia

I do like a wide, 60s tie. This is a curatored selection from the vast array of gorgeous 60s ties that I have collected.

We are talking [left to right] tartan seersucker, pastel paisley, checkerboard silk, orange paisley, checkerboard nylon. Back then, they knew that a tie had to dominate a shirt and suit, not be subordinate to it.

A tie can completely lift an outfit- for men and women alike. In fact, if more women wore ties- it is my firm belief- we could end gender discrimination completely. Because…like…women look fabulous in ties. Everyone does. And particularly 60s ties.

This set is for sale: $AUD45

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Luminarc ‘Cavalier’ wine glasses [sold]

Luminarc 'Cavalier' wine glassesLuminarc ‘Cavalier’ wine glasses
made in France, c.1970s

I particularly like the way the ‘barrel’ shaped purple cup contrasts with the rounded clear glass stems on these glasses. These glasses are quintessentially 70s! Luminarc glasses are very collectible, and come in a range of deep colours, ruby red, deep green and this vibrant purple. Tres funky!

The set of six glasses are in excellent condition, and look fabulous- whether on displayed on open shelves, or on the dinner table.  For sale: $AUD75

Swinnertons ‘Moonglo’ dinner plates [sold]

moonglo dinner platesSwinnertons Nestor Vellum ‘Moonglo’ dinner plates
made in England, c.1950s

I recently posted some Nestor Vellum ‘Moonglo’ cups & saucers and side plates– the Moonglo refers to the beautiful 50s colours, but what does Nestor Vellum refer to? Hellkatdesigns [a fantastic blog out of Melbourne] noted that Nestor was a mythological Greek sage- I figured out that vellum is parchment…but that’s as far as we’ve got.

So- here’s seven beautiful Moonglo plates to go with the cup & saucers and side plates. I absolutely love the colours. It’s mix ‘n’ match at its best.

For sale: $AUD75