60s realism serving plate

Oven Master plate, 1960sOven Master plate,
made in Australia, 1960s

I have posted many ‘realism’ plates from Japan – but this is the first plate I have come across that was made here in Australia. Nothing says ‘60s’ like radish, boiled egg and a prawn!

I particularly like the shadow graphic for each item- and the fine gilt edge to the plate. The plate can be displayed either way up- you’ll notice the radish has an opposite shadow to the egg and prawn. This is all class, people! And on the back of the plate is the inscription:

Oven To Table
Oven Master, Australia

so one can use the plate happily in the oven and then serve a dish of Pad Thai [ok- I googled the ingredients- radish, egg, prawn!]

The plate is in good condition and is for sale: $AUD55

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Diana ‘prawn’ pottery [sold]

Diana 'prawn' potteryDiana prawn pottery
made in Sydney, 1956-1964

I have shared my fascination with Diana Pottery many times on this blog- and having just sold some iconic Flannel Flower pieces, thought I’d post this rather more kitschy ‘prawn’ collection.

Picture this: it’s the mid 50s in Australia. Nationalism and modernism are joining forces in artistic expressionism and so Diana comes up with : prawns. Prawns as an emblem of a new national dish. Prawns because we have whopper sizes in Australia. Prawns, because they are easily rendered in clay and are a simple, easily recognised form…and prawns because- well every other national dish was already taken.

We see here a large platter with fluting and capacity for two different dipping sauces in the middle; a sauce boat and saucer [presumably for tartare sauce] and a side plate- all with painted red prawns as handles, and the same fluting. Accompanying these are two ramekins and a sauce boat – with handles in the form of prawns, but unpainted.

There is much conjecture in the world of Diana collectors as to whether the absence of colour/paint/glaze on these matt white pieces is intentional, or whether they were merely unfinished. There are many pieces that have the same moulding or casting of figurative elements as pieces that were hand-painted but were sold unpainted- vases, plates, ramekins, the lot. My own feeling [and completely unsubstantiated opinion] is that the unpainted pieces were entirely intentional…one could mix and match with the painted pieces and not be quite so overwhelmed with bright red prawns. And I say this as a person dedicated and entirely wedded to kitsch. Even I have limits.

This collection comprises six pieces which are all in good condition -and is for sale: $AUD175

70s realism

70s realism platesJapanese ‘realist’ plates
made in 1970s

These plates fall into the ‘so bad they are good’ category. The realistic depiction of a pie and three vegetables doesn’t get more prosaic – or more hilarious. These plates were made for the European market in the 70s and you can just imagine the creative process that occurred to produce such fine recreations of the Australian diet.

Pie and mash! Tomato slice. Prawn! Kinda sums up the 70s really.

This set is for sale: $AUD45

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