Miscellaneous green pottery [sold]

Diana vase, Beswick jugMiscellaneous green pottery
Beswick Ware & English Ware, made in England, c.1940s, and Diana, made in Australia, c.1950s

The Beswick Ware jug to the top left of the image is a late example of art deco pottery. It is not marked as Beswick but it is a known example of this pottery maker. The square serving bowl in the foreground is marked –  L & S Sons Ltd, Hanley English Ware. A great deal of English Ware in this series had a raised floral design, and it came in muted yellows or greens, like this bowl.

The oval vase with embossed flower is by Diana,  is marked V153 [Vase # 153] and it’s typically 50s with its pastel colours and contrasting ‘throat’ colour. The oval plate next to it is also by Diana, is lustreware, and it’s marked S83 [Serving plate #83.]

The four pieces have each come from other parts of my collection – on occasion I like to style pottery based on form, or size, or as in this case- colour.    For sale: $AUD85

Studio Anna & Florenz Pottery

Aboriginal motif pottery
Studio Anna ‘crab’ plate and
Florenz Pottery dish and ashtray
made in Sydney c. 1950s

Both Studio Anna and Florenz Pottery had their pottery studios in Marrickville, Sydney. Florenz started in the 1930s and Studio Anna in 1953. These slip cast pottery items evidence the Australiana themes and souvenir ware discussed in the post below.

The crab plate has some very minor chips on its edge [click on the image for zoom view] – and is marked Studio Anna on the underside. I am particularly drawn to the funky rounded-triangle shape of this piece. The dish and ashtray are unmarked, but presumed Florenz Pottery due to similar pieces in other’s collections. The three pieces make a nice ensemble with the rich ochres, and black and white patternings.

For sale: $AUD75

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