Bridge card game set

Retro Bridge card game set50s Bridge card game set
made in Hong Kong 1950s

This is a never-been-used bridge card game set with cards and score pad in a lovely brown vinyl case. The playing cards are very traditional, with the wonderful Joker and his one lost shoe. There is no makers mark on the case, but the score pad indicates that this 50s set was made in Hong Kong.

The Bridge game set is accompanied by a Mousekeeter; a reproduction from the 90s made under license to Disney- but not an original unfortunately. I am on the look-out for an original 50s version- but for now Ms Repro will have to do as a styling piece.

For all you mad keen Bridge players out there- the game set is for sale: $AUD35

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Bakelite trump indicator [sold]

E-Z Hold playing card holders, made by Are-Jay Game Co. Ohio, U.S.A., c.1970s
Trump indicator c.1920-1940s

The E-Z Hold playing card holders are plastic – the trump indicator is bakelite [with a xylonite interior face.] the E-Z Hold playing card holders have an unfortunately placed knob – right in the middle of the king’s face. The trump indicator is elegant, restrained, classic. This is a kind of yin/yang collection.

Both appeal to me in different ways. Card playing is sometimes taken WAY too seriously, so I like the knob in the middle of the king’s face. And when I am winning at cards [rare occasion] I like to have a bakelite piece to remind me what’s trumps [easy to forget in the excitement of maybe actually winning.]

I can’t ascertain where the trump indicator was made – unusually for bakelite, it isn’t indicated on the back of the piece. From research and from the fact that the piece is unusual in that it combines xylonite [even earlier form of thermoplastic] with bakelite – puts it in the first half of last century.

For sale: Trump indicator: $AUD45 [sold] and E-Z card holders: $AUD10 [still available!]

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