Doilies- but not as we know them…[sold]

50s doilies50s doilies
made in Australia

Ah- the plastic doily. Fanciful- yet pragmatic. But before you scoff- check out Etsy and see some of the beautiful clocks made from these mid-century modern doilies. Or look at some contemporary street art which uses plastic doilies as a stencil. Or- you know- just use them as ironic pieces in your minimalist modern home.

This is a selection of plastic doilies-six different colours in two designs. Wash and wear, the doilies are displayed with a dog in a suit and bow tie- also from the 50s.

The doilies are for sale: $AUD35

Gayware kitchen canisters [sold]

gayware kitchen canistersGayware kitchen canisters
made by Gay Plastics, Sydney, Australia 1950-1965

I am so fond of these red, nested canisters. Like the anodised set below, they too were used to store Flour, Sugar, Rice, Tea and Coffee. Gayware started out making bakelite canisters but by the early 50s manufacturers world-wide were switching to this lighter, more stable form of plastic and Gayware switched too.

These canisters have never been used for their intended purpose, so are now good for anything you might care to store in them. As long as it’s something gay! Unfortunately the Flour canister lid has a slight chip [not discernible from the outside] and the Sugar lid has had some fixing in the past- again, this is not discernible from the top side. These imperfections don’t impair the functioning of the canisters, but they do render the set less-than-perfect.

For sale: $AUD125