Pates swan planter [sold]

Pates swan planter, 1940sPates Swan planter
made in Sydney, Australia c1950s

Pates operated out of Belmore from 1946 -1990- and as you may have noticed, given the tenor of the posts of this blog, being a Sydneyite I have an affinity for the potteries near where I now live that were producing domestic wares in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Pates’ designs and colours were influenced by the 1950s furnishing and domestic colour trends. Swans were a big theme; from tiny vase forms to large planters, like this one. The 50s colours were applied as a drip glaze, so no two pieces are exactly alike.

My friend Roz gave me this planter; she was had an inkling that I would love it. I love swan pottery precisely because they are such a 50s icon- if you search this blog you’ll find all manner of plastic, gilt and ceramic swans all hailing from the 50s.

I’ve teamed the planter- which has a hole for water egress, as you’d expect in the base- with a dried bunch of eucalypt. It would look great with a potted maiden hair fern, or other indoor plant; but also doubles as an impromptu vase.

The swan planter is for sale: $AUD145

Pates pottery vases

Pates pottery vases [50s]Pates Pottery vases
made in Sydney Australia, c.1950s

These beautiful vases were made by Pates Pottery, which operated out of Belmore, Sydney from 1946 -1990. As you may have noticed, given the tenor of the posts of this blog, being a Sydneyite I have an affinity for the potteries that were producing domestic ware in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Pates’ glaze colours were influenced by the 1950s furnishing and domestic colour trends; the stippled pink and green is typical of this period. Also typical, but harking back to the Art Deco – are the forms and shapes of the pieces. Pates pottery had a foot in both camps- shapes that were very familiar but in colours that were funky and 50s.

The three vases here are: Deco wall vase, posey ‘scroll’ vase and a stylized ‘log’ peony vase. All in top order and ready to receive flowers. I’m particularly fond of the wall vase- we don’t see enough of them in homes today- and it’s a great idea to hang flowers rather than take up table space.

The three vases are for sale: $AUD95

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40s Australiana

Pates basket potsPates baskets,
made in Sydney, Australia 1940s

Pates Pottery operated out of Belmore, Sydney from 1946 -1990; so a similar period to Diana pottery. Pates was slower to develop an Australian response to the design and colouring of its pieces and was still producing baskets and swans well into the 50s. These baskets, with their twisted handles, seemed to have been produced all over the world.

Pates used a ‘drip-glaze’ method on most of their pieces and indeed one way to spot a Pates piece is by its mottled colouring. I have collected many Pates pieces- and some of these pieces have made it onto this blog.

The three baskets look great together as an ensemble: here they are showcasing wattle- another Australian iconic flower. They are for sale: $AUD55

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Vintage shaving mugs

shaving mugs; KSP and KoalaShaving mugs
Keel Street Pottery [KSP] shaving mugs, made in England c.1900-1930s
Koala shaving mug, made in Australia, c.1930-1940s.

Shaving mugs are highly collectible and becomingly increasingly hard to find.

The ceramic ‘woodgrain’ finish shaving mugs [woodgrain- presumably to render the pottery more ‘manly’?] by KSP predate the pastel colours of the 50s, and yet anticipate those very colours. Yes, now I am certain the woodgrain would help with the whole manly act of shaving. The pink, yellow, & green shaving mugs are all in perfect condition, and marked ‘KSP, made in England’ on the underside.

By contrast, the blue shaving mug is made in Australia by Koala. Koala pottery had a short run, and produced- as far as I can tell- only shaving mugs. I would love if the shaving mug had a koala’s face on it, but alas, it’s a purely perfunctory item, with no novelty value other than that cool blue colour.

The four mugs are for sale: $AUD100

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50s Poole vase

Poole 'wave' vasePoole ‘Wave’ vase
made in England 1950s

An experiment in styling: a beautiful 50s ‘wave’ vase by Poole with a reproduction glass vase. The old and the new together; ceramic and glass. And pink tulips; a gift from my partner.

The twintone Poole vase was designed by Alfred Read in the 50s – as part of Poole’s ‘Freedom’ range. This range saw asymmetric forms created in the same colour range as existing pieces – so one could introduce a bit of funkiness without going completely crazy. A little bit of modernism could creep into your conservative tea service!

This vase is stamped C97 which indicates a vase in the ‘peach bloom’ [pink interior] and ‘seagull’ [mottled grey exterior] colouring. I have other examples of this ‘twintone’ [Poole’s descriptor] – tea cups and saucers – elsewhere on my blog. The pastel shades of the powder pink and muted grey are such classic 50s colours – but I love how this free-form shape starts to anticipate the 60s.

The wave vase is in great condition, and is for sale: $AUD70

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60s Australian pottery

60s Australian pottery60s pottery
made in Australia

A little collection of lovely 60s pottery- but with no maker’s marks or other means of identification. All in great condition – and identified as being 60s pottery due to the styling, pastel colourings and – spots. Nothing says the 60s like spots!

This collection came from a lovely old lady’s home- she could recollect buying the pieces in the 60s but not from whom or where she bought them. She had had them on display but was selling them to make room for some nice new pieces- contemporary pieces- from the 80s. That’s how long ago it was- but even now I can remember my heart sinking thinking how horrible it was swapping the 60s for the 80s. Only twenty years difference- but yowza!- light years away in terms of design. The 80s was the era that design forgot.

Now my 60s collection is burgeoning to over-full and I must reluctantly part with some of it. Not to buy contemporary pieces, like the lovely old lady- but to display and enjoy the small part of the collection that I can fit in my tiny inner-city house.

This collection- five 60s pieces in good condition- is for sale: $AUD75

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Martin Boyd ramekins

Martin Boyd ramekinsMartin Boyd ramekins
made in Australia 1950s

The Boyds are a famous Australian family of artists. Martin Boyd was the ceramist in the family – and his pottery started in Cremorne, Sydney in 1946. The pottery was in operation from 1946-1964, with 1957-58 being the peak production period.

All Martin Boyd pottery is made [and signed] by hand so there is a slight variation between any pieces in a set. The pottery is instantly recognisable from the edge band of uncoloured glaze that always separates the two toned pieces. The colours are quintessentially 50s.

This set of four ramekins is in excellent condition – it has never been used. And if Boyd ramekins are your thing, I also have a set of six ramekins with their matching plates also posted on the blog.

This set of four ramekins is for sale: $AUD80

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MCP peony vase [sold]

MCP peony vase # 256
made in Sydney, Australia c.1950s

MCP [Modern Ceramic Products] started production in the 1940s, in Redfern, Sydney. The simple geometric forms of the vases have a very modernist styling – and each vase has a highly textured exterior finish in white which contrasts with the smooth internal glaze. This two-toned aesthetic meant each vase could be made in a range of iterations- albeit along the 50s spectrum of baby blue, pastel pink and pastel yellow.

This fabulous vase is in the white texture /pastel pink combination. I have added some flowers to show how it works- it would also look great with four different flower selections in each of the quadrants. You might like to see my original MCP collection…review it in the SOLD tab above…for other examples of this beautiful pottery.

I do love Sydney pottery of the 50s and 60s and find it very hard to part with them. Modernism in pottery is becoming increasingly hard to find…but needs must.

The vase is in excellent condition and is or sale: $AUD85

Remued art pottery [sold]

Australian pottery, RemuedRemued pottery vases
made in Melbourne, 1930s

Still in the land of Oz and celebrating Australiana art pottery with this collection from Remued. Remued was produced by Premier Pottery, in Melbourne- operating from 1929-1955.

Premier Pottery was always a decorative pottery- it has the distinction in Australia of never having operated as an industrial pottery. Remued pottery- which is now extremely collectible- is art ware, and considered a high point in Australian decorative pottery. See for more information.

The colourful drip glazes and free flowing lines of Remued pieces hark back to the arts and crafts and art-nouveaux periods, seen through an Australian lens of the late 1920s and early 30s. The pieces were all hand moulded and all bear the distinctive hand-rendered ‘Remued’ signature on the base. All four pieces are in excellent condition.

This set is for sale: $AUD180

50s kitchenalia

50s kitchenaliaDiana casserole dish, made in Sydney 1950s
Fowler Ware mixing bowl, made in Sydney 1950s
Alfred Meakin serving bowls, made in England 1950s

A collection today united by colour and age- rather than by maker. The 50s colourings of baby blue, pastel pink and pastel yellow are exemplified by this grouping. Mix the ingredients in the mixing bowl, cook in the casserole dish and then serve on the serving bowls- tuna casserole anyone?

My own kitchen is a mixture of contemporary cooking appliances and retro kitchen pieces- but I choose retro which is still functional. And that’s the case with this collection- looks good, works just as well as it did in the 50s. The only caveat is: no dishwasher for retro pieces- wash by hand.

This collection is for sale: $95

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