Happy New Year!

50s graduated nip glassesHappy New Year!

Graduated nip glasses
made in Melbourne, Australia 1950s

I can almost forgive the sexist nature of these pub nip glasses- where women get to have substantially smaller drinks than men- due to the cute illustrative nature of the pigs. And those glamorous gilt edges.

These glasses were made specifically for a pub in Melbourne, and have been doing duty there for the last fifty years or so. When I came across them they were for sale at auction- the novelty value of the graduated glasses having worn a little thin. I don’t’ recall the name of the Melbourne hotel where they served their time, but I do remember the auctioneer making a big deal about the pub and the by-gone era.

I’d like to propose a toast with the nip glasses- to a happy new year to all my readers and followers- thanks for all the reading and commenting over the last year. And here’s to a happy and prosperous 2015 full of wonderful retro!