World’s Finest Ironstone [sold]

Ironstone platters & plateIdeal Ironstone Ware platters and plate
made in Japan, 1960s

You may have enjoyed the pavlova plates I posted made by Ideal Ironstone Ware- here are some of their other 60s outputs- a series of platters and dishes with realistic transfer prints with a unifying motif of….parsley. I have given it a botanical assessment…and yep, that’s parsley.

So- the two platters- with central hollow for a dipping sauce, feature oysters and prawns. And parsley. The oysters on the first platter are seen in their various stages from ‘natural’ to shucked, and my -don’t they look delicious? The lobsters on the second platter are gaily arrayed around the parsley. They look to me- as an Australian to be more like yabbies…but after research I believe they are meant to convey lobsters to a European market. In the 60s yabbies were hardly a well known culinary dish.

The last dish is a matching lobster/parsley dish – for the left over shells after eating. Its central motif is a slice of lemon- which indicates its use. All three plates have a gilt edge…and so the three are perfect for an Aussie Christmas lunch of prawns, yabbies, lobster and oysters. Parsley optional.

The three plates are for sale: $AUD85

Retro oyster platter

Ideal Ironstone oyster platterIdeal Ironstone Ware oyster platter, made in Japan c.1960s

Ideal Ironstone Ware is: “World’s Finest Ironstone; Oven-Proof and Craze-Proof’. It is stated quite clearly on the back of the plate; and it must be of the finest ironstone, because in over forty years it has indeed remained craze-proof [*which is more than can be said for me* etc, etc.]

This platter falls into the ‘so bad it’s good’ category. The realistic depiction of oysters- shucked and un-shucked amongst parsley leaves doesn’t get more prosaic – or more kitschy. And there’s a dipping bowl in the centre for the lime/lemon juice. All of it surrounded by a nice gilt edge- classy! What oyster-fancier wouldn’t love to own one?

Australians are a nation of oyster-eaters as we grow/farm one of the largest rock oyster species in the world. I count myself amongst one of the oyster-fanciers. The oyster platter is teamed with a plastic pineapple and a green ceramic cat- evidencing other innovations of the 60s.

The Ideal oyster platter is for sale: $AUD65

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