Airline travel bag

Orbitours travel bag, 1960sAirline travel bag
Made in Hong Kong, 1960s

Airline bags have become SO popular and collectable that there are now reproductions of classic Qantas bags- made in China, c. 2014- being sold for crazy prices on EBay. A REAL Qantas travel bag should cost in the order of $AU100 – but a repro? That should go for ten bucks [that’s 2 bucks for materials & assembly, 1 buck to ship it, and 7 dollars or 70% profit to the seller.] AND it should be clearly marked as a repro.

So- how to tell a fake? Well, take this Orbitour travel bag for example. It has its original sticker inside:

‘Nylon Coated Plastic
Made In Hong Kong”.

Sporting an original sticker, and made in Hong Kong [rather than China]; plus – it has some stitching missing on one handle and a little on the zip. Repros are startlingly perfect, looking like a facsimile of the original. You can’t fake age!

And the colour- that super cobalt blue with slightly wonky white font – it’s correct for the 60s.

I’ve teamed the Orbitours bag with an old 40s school case. It’s had some repair work- new rivets hold a new internal timber frame to the lid, but the locks and hinges and metal handle are all still original and working. It was made by the ‘American Bag Stores, Travelling Goods Specialists’, in Australia [as described on the internal label.] Talk about an original!

The Orbitours bag [Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane] is for sale: $AU55
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The old school case is for sale: $AU45
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Old School Map [sold]

Old School map, Australia 1940sModern Teaching Map No 132
Chas H. Scally & Co. 4th Ed, c.1940s

Another lovely old map from a primary school in the Blue Mountains; this map shows Australia and Papua New Guinea as they were in the 1940s.

Being the 1940s- the main points of interest noted on the maps legend are navigational : airports, railways and highways- of which there appear to be four, and sea routes.

The map is in fair condition: the colours and finish of the map are good but there is a bit of water damage around Tasmania, and some insect damage near the dowel [also adjacent Tasmania.] These things can be repaired but I leave that up to the next owner- sometimes the wear and tear adds good vintage cred to a piece and restoration can do more harm than good.

I have a similar map – from the same school- of NSW, 1950s [see post below.] This map is in pristine condition and it’s for sale for $AUD175; because of the damage to this map I am asking only $150.

The Australian School Map is for sale: $AUD150