Kathie Winkle ‘Newlyn’ plate [sold]

Broadhurst ‘Newlyn’ plate
made in England 1963

Continuing my love affair with Kathie Winkle – the lead designer at Broadhurst in the 60s- here is another of her designs: Newlyn. Kathie Winkle designs are very collectible right now – and indeed are currently being re-released. Winkle designed over 140 patterns- all very groovy and typical of the 60s.

The plate has a handpainted underglaze [the pattern] but is detergent and dishwasher proof. So it’s beautiful and functional! Imagine a whole wall of funky 60s plates…if they were easily detachable you could store your entire dinner service that way!

Previously I posted Kathie Winkle’s ‘Kontiki’ design- it was made in 1967. Start your Kathie Winkle collection today!- this plate is for sale: $AUD15