Nally spice containers & other kitchenalia [sold]

Retro Australian kitchenaliaNally spice containers
Plastic flower salt and pepper shakers, and plastic swan
made in Australia, c.1950s

I have posted before on Nally bakelite…here we have the next step in the modernisation process – Nally plastic. On their own little plastic tray, these 5 containers are in classic 50s colours. No longer relying on a large monogram to describe their contents, each container is very prescriptive. These containers are for [L – R] cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, ginger and cloves. A nice snapshot of the kitchen spices of the 50s!

The salt and pepper shakers are unmarked, but are lovely in their floral design. The bottom ‘leafy’ bit unscrews to allow the input of salt and/or pepper. Similarly, the swan is unmarked, but I think it complements the set in its whitey plastic 50s-ness.

For sale: $AUD55