Nally bakelite nested canisters

Nally nested bakelite canistersNally nested bakelite canisters
made in Australia c. 1940s

I have posted nested bakelite canisters before…and everytime I do I am reminded of the weird world of the 40s, when coffee was in smallest canister and flour the largest! Oh, how times change! It would be great to swap the names on the canisters to reflect a more contemporary use of flour and coffee…but that would mean pulling out that lovely cursive script, which is fixed to the canisters by little bakelite pegs in holes drilled though the canister. And – each script has been laminated to fit the circumference of the canister. One just has to deal with it!

The canisters are a lovely off-white colour, and the lids and script are green. The lids to this Nally set are unusual in that they give a slid nod to the art deco era- being articulated with graduated rings. Most nested canister sets of the period have simple smooth lids, with a central cast-in knob. [See previous posts for myriad examples!]

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