Mickey & Minnie & a Mousekeeter

Minnie and Mickey Mouse, c50s-60sMinnie Mouse hand puppet, made in Korea 1960s
Mickie Mouse squeaky toy, made in England 1950s

Minnie Mouse hand puppet, made by Walt Disney Productions, Ohio and Mickey Mouse squeaky toy, made by Combex in England [#1499.] Minnie’s head is moulded plastic, while her puppet body is printed cloth. Mickey, meanwhile, is all plastic, but his squeaker is somewhat defunct.

The two are greeted by a later ring-in- a Mousekeeter; a reproduction from the 90s made under license to Disney. I like the way they are all three gesturing salutations.  As you are eminently aware, ANYTHING Mickey Mouse related is now totally collectible.

Minnie and Mickey are in good vintage condition and are for sale: $AUD55 [and if you like the Mousekeeter, let me know.]

Bridge card game set

Retro Bridge card game set50s Bridge card game set
made in Hong Kong 1950s

This is a never-been-used bridge card game set with cards and score pad in a lovely brown vinyl case. The playing cards are very traditional, with the wonderful Joker and his one lost shoe. There is no makers mark on the case, but the score pad indicates that this 50s set was made in Hong Kong.

The Bridge game set is accompanied by a Mousekeeter; a reproduction from the 90s made under license to Disney- but not an original unfortunately. I am on the look-out for an original 50s version- but for now Ms Repro will have to do as a styling piece.

For all you mad keen Bridge players out there- the game set is for sale: $AUD35

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Kitschy kitchenalia

Eon Carb Soda canister & Shoe Shoe egg cupsEon spice canister, made in Australia 1940s
Shoe Shoe egg cups, made in Hong Kong 1970s

I collect – and love- Carlton Ware, as you know from all your avid reading of my posts to date. Carlton Ware produced ‘Walkingware’ teapots, cups, salt & pepper shakers – you name it – in 1973. Very beautifully crafted crockery items on two legs, often with jaunty socks or stocking or with great shoes. Some static, some running.

So – when I came across these plastic ‘Shoe Shoe’ [fabulous name, no?] egg cups from Hong Kong – I had to collect them. I now have a selection of the four colours they come in- red, blue, black and yellow- with one in its original box. It is my love of kitsch, and my appreciation for a good knock-off when I see one that led to this collection.

The Eon canister is all on its own- it’s the first of the series of spice containers made by Eon in the 40s that I have been able to find. Now very collectible [as are all bakelite kitchen canisters]; this set is joined by a Mouseketeer as her dotty dress works so well with the dotty egg cups.

This set is for sale: $AUD75 [more Shoe Shoe egg cups available!]

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