60s moneyboxes

60s moneyboxes
made in Australia

A collection of unused – as new – money boxes from the 60s; from banks now long gone.

The elephant money box is Bank Commonwealth [now, after many reiterations- the Commonwealth Bank] – it had the motto ‘get with the strength” [and hence, the elephant.]

Donald Duck is from The Wales Bank of NSW Savings Bank Ltd- and after that crazy, convoluted name, it’s no wonder they choose a Disney icon for their money box.

Wonderfully, both money boxes instruct the saver to take the box “when full to have money credited to their account – and – receive a new moneybox”.

I guess with digital banking nowadays nobody uses cash- let along saves it in a moneybox. Except for moneybox collectors – they will love these! [I have others on my site…search blog posts below.]

The 6 [new] moneyboxes are for sale: $AU60

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A whole lot of 70s browness

Beepa the Owl moneybox & 70s cassette caseBeepa the Owl Telecom money box, made in Australia 1970s
Cassette cafrying case, made in Australia 1970s

A whole lot of 70s browns! This is Beepa the Owl– a Telecom money box that would have been placed by every domestic telephone in Australia. Twenty cents for a local call, a whole lot of 20c for an international call – to be place in Beepa for payment. Beepa still has his original stopper [notice that it is 20 cent-sized] so he’s still good to use as a moneybox.

The cassette case holds twenty cassettes– and it’s made of authentic 70s vinyl. The cassette holder inside is removable – so it can be used as a rather smart [albeit small] suitcase. The handle, hinges and front clasp are all in good working order – this is one smart case!

The Nancy Drew book “The Clue of the Tapping Heels” is number 16 in the series – and this version also hails from the 70s. If you are interested in this collection I will throw in Nancy Drew free.

Beepa and the cassette case are for sale: $AUD25

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