Boomerang dish

MCP boomerang dish
made in Sydney, Australia 1950s

MCP [Modern Ceramic Products] started production in the 1940s, in Redfern, Sydney. The simple geometric forms of their vases have a very modernist styling and each has a highly textured exterior finish which contrasts with the smooth internal glaze. The two-toned aesthetic meant each vase could be made in a wide range of iterations- albeit along the 50s spectrum of baby blue, pale pink, pale yellow and pastel green.

This is a boomerang dish, with the usual MCP textured green exterior and smooth pink interior. Like most 50s pottery, the fine edge between the two glazes is described in white. So elegant. The boomerang shape was a 50s staple: not only was it ‘Australian’ but it had the added benefit of being ‘unusual’; not a pure geometric shape like most round or square dishes.

The dish was used to serve sweets; but here I have loaded it with bakelite teaspoons from the same era. I like the colours; the spoons are Tilley bakelite, also made in Sydney. Tilley specialised in cutlery, especially picnicware [and I have collected quite a bit.]

The MCP boomerang dish is in excellent vintage condition, and is for sale: $AU45

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Barrel mugs

MCP barrel mugsMCP barrel mugs
made in Sydney Australia, c.1940s

These barrel mugs are becoming quite rare- and sought after. MCP- Modern Ceramic Products -made them from the late 40s to the early 50s. The mugs were made in teal, yellow, green and blue. Here we see the teal and yellow colourings- and I have teamed them with a couple of sprigs of wattle that turns up in a quite a few of my images.

The mugs have an impressed stamp to the base that reads ‘MCP, Sydney No.122’. They are both in good condition – and whilst researching the mugs I found a single mug on Ebay selling for $40.

You might recall that I have featured MCP vases in two previous posts – I like the modernist forms of these vases. Check out those posts for more information on Modern Ceramic Products.

These mugs are for sale: $AUD50

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