Retro planters

Pates planters [pair]Pates planters
made in Sydney Australia 1940s

This fantastic planters was made by Pates Pottery, which operated out of Belmore, Sydney from 1946 -1990. As you may have noticed, given the tenor of the posts of this blog, being a Sydneyite I have an affinity for the potteries that were producing domestic ware in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Pates’ designs and colours were influenced by the 1940s art and interior design trends; and produced work with this ‘Australiana’ colour glaze- brown and green – apparently reminiscent of the Australian bush. This nationalistic colour combination was very popular, and since I am a landscape architect, and quite fond of the Australian bush, I have tended to collect both Pates pieces in this colour range.

These large planters look fantastic supporting a range of succulent plants: I have kept them in their pots inside the planters and styled them more like cut flowers. I love the colour combinations.

The two large planters are for sale: $AUD110

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Retro ‘model town’ children’s puzzle

Simplex 'model town' children's puzzleSimplex ‘model town’ puzzle
made in Holland c1950s

This is a fantastic retro children’s puzzle. The pieces when removed stand up independently and can be used to make a ‘model town’ [albeit a Dutch, 1950s model town.] Simply wonderful. Would totally suit an urban/town planner with a nostalgic bent!

The dolls are another story. They are English, c1960s, and I had a stab of nostalgia when I found them. My sister and I had them when we were little – I had the long haired one and my sister had the 60s permed one. I distinctly remember the over-sized heads of these dolls.

Let me assure you ours were dressed when we had them; unfortunately these two have lost their 60s frocks.

The fantastic model town puzzle is for sale: $AUD45 [and if you like the dollies, I’ll send them to you too!]

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