Funky 50s slide projector

Minolta 'Mini' slide projector [1950s]Minolta ‘Mini’ folding slide projector
made in Japan, c.1950s

Another Mini projector! That makes three now. I love the size, shape and functional 50s look of the projector- all this and it works too! The compact projector unfolds to take the slide changer; hence the ‘folding’ in the name. The projector is a great object to display- and then when a slide night is in order, simply put it into service.

The Mini comes with its own carrying case [handle needs repair- must fix that] a dual slide changer AND an ‘Autochanger’ and is excellent working condition. The Autochanger allows you to stack a number of 35mm slides on both sides so one needed hold up the slide-show too long.

The lens is 1:2.5, f=7.5mm, and it runs on 200-240 V, AC/DC. The current bulb is still working, and there’s a replacement bulb in the box. There’s a cute little bakelite on/off switch on the electrical cord.

Unlike all my other projectors, this one didn’t arrive with a couple of miscellaneous slides from the last owner- giving a hint as to its former life. However, there’s plenty of those to hand if you would like some.

The Mini Projector is for sale: $AUD125

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