Lustreware vases [sold]

Mingay, Pates, Diana, Casey Ware, made in Australia c.1950s

Yes, okay, lustreware is an acquired taste. Both my photographer and my partner cringed when I bought this group out- they are both dear to me but they will not even pretend to care for the lustreware! For me, the vases are a quintessential expression of the 50s – lustreware was a world-wide phenomenon – in the linking of ideas of ‘modernity’ with ‘metal’ or machinery. The vases themselves might be florid – but the metal glaze was all about the machine age.

The metallic glaze was produced by using metal oxides in an overglaze, placed over the initial colour and re-fired in the kiln. It seems as if all the post-war potteries in Sydney produced lustreware; and for good measure, the same pieces can also be found in ordinary glazes. These vases were given a special stamped code to distinguish them from their non-lustreware cousins.

From the left to the right of the image:
Mingay [stamped 235 on base]
Pates [V8]
Pates [V10]
Diana [V46]
and two examples of Casey Ware [not marked, but I have seen these two vases in a non-lustreware finish.]

The small Pates [V8] vase has a repair on its base; all the other vases are in tip-top lustrey condition.       For sale: $AUD105