!!Cuban Fantasy!!

Midwinter Modern ‘Cuban Fantasy’ plate
made in England 1957

Cuban Fantasy! the name given to this fantastic 50s ‘atomic’ design plate says it all.

The plate was designed by Midwinter’s in-house designer, Jessie Tait [b. 1928]- who also designed ‘Cannes’, ‘Bali Hai’, ‘Tonga’ and ‘Patio Hollywood’. Clearly she had a taste for the exotic!

The divided plate has a “permanent underglaze colour, acid resistant, hand engraving” as it attests on the backstamp.  The Cuban Fantasy pattern also came in a vase, cup & saucer set, condiment jar, and a cake plate.

Midwinter pottery is having a renaissance at the moment – collectors are going mad for it. I’ve seen this plate on Ebay for $75. For you, dear reader, the plate [which is in excellent vintage condition] is :$AU55

I’ve teamed the Cuban Fantasy with a Debonair camera from the same period- as are the Observer books. The camera and books are available for sale also on the blog.

Mid century modern

Mid century modern teak barMid Century Modern
Teak bar, made in Australia c. 1954

A new addition to our home. A teak bar, made by persons unknown – but with what finesse! The cut-out shelves, the floating glass top, the tapered and mirrored top and bottom legs. All totally MCM.

For the moment we have the bar facing the wrong way- in order to utilise the shelves for parts of our collection – plus a few modern requirements [phone & modem.] The plan is to re-arrange furniture so we can serve drinks – martinis of course- from the bar in the not too distant future. And answer calls and surf the net- best of both worlds!