Retro Christmas party

Retro Ice bucketsIce bucket collection

I collected these ice buckets because I loved the idea of using them with the bakelite blender [the ‘Vitamizer’, posted below] at cocktail parties. I am very partial to a martini, which while not strictly needing a blender, does require the service of an ice bucket. The blender is great for making frozen daiquiris, which my guests favour. It’s summer here in the southern hemisphere- I hasten to add. Either way – an ice bucket is totally necessary, and who wants to use a modern one?

I have ended up with a few ice buckets…and in researching these, I found quite a few avid collectors out there. People collect ice buckets. And why not- they look fantastic displayed together [and they’re good for storing ice.]

The bucket to the left in the image is made from Scandinavian teak, and has matching tongs. The red plastic bucket has a brass handle, and has matching tongs. The only ice bucket with any branding – the Dia Ice Pail, made by Dia Vacuum bottle Industries Co. Ltd, is anodised aluminium and steel [with a ‘vacuum’ white plastic interior] and it comes with…you guessed it…matching tongs. Matching tongs are so important at a cocktail party.

Perfect for the retro Christmas party, this collection is for sale: $AUD75

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Mid century modern

Mid century modern teak barMid Century Modern
Teak bar, made in Australia c. 1954

A new addition to our home. A teak bar, made by persons unknown – but with what finesse! The cut-out shelves, the floating glass top, the tapered and mirrored top and bottom legs. All totally MCM.

For the moment we have the bar facing the wrong way- in order to utilise the shelves for parts of our collection – plus a few modern requirements [phone & modem.] The plan is to re-arrange furniture so we can serve drinks – martinis of course- from the bar in the not too distant future. And answer calls and surf the net- best of both worlds!